Leverage the power of AI to make your facilities and fleets run more efficiently

Software that leverages energy data and adapts automatically.

Get real time insights into energy usage with actionable energy data.

Receive personalized recommendations and support.

Automate energy optimization plans throughout your entire organization in just a few clicks.

No energy management degree required – AI and Engineers working together to create a smart energy plan.

OpenCharge can take your project from vision to reality – including utility and trade coordination, in-house electrical engineer support, and a reliability boost through proprietary monitoring.

Payment failure, charge initiation failure, network failure, broken connections, broken screens, missing cables, blocked stalls – we’ve got experts who can solve all the issues with modern EV and infrastructure with one call.

Turnkey service and the fastest response times in the industry will help you focus on revenue generation instead of coordinating repairs. Don’t let inclement weather, vandalism or anything else get in the way of revenue.

We offer preventative site maintenance packages along with product and service warranties. Take on as little or as much as you want – we work with you to find a service plan that makes sense for your organization.

We can take over your existing site or help you manage plans for future development. Let us focus on the vehicles, infrastructure, energy and reporting to keep your business running.

Electric vehicles can help your business reduce spending through: reduced fuel and maintenance costs, eligibility for tax credits and incentives, and integration with your energy infrastructure.

We know one size doesn’t fit all – that’s why we offer scalable and customizable solutions that are designed around your business. Speak with one of our experts today to get a free consultation.

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