Opencharge service is built around keeping your site going with no interruptions.

Opencharge has a nationwide presence, making us the ideal choice for enterprise clients looking to expand their EV charging network. We bring charging solutions to your doorstep, coast to coast.

Simplify your EV charging project management and support with Opencharge. We ensure you have a single, reliable source for all your trades. We offer full-service design, installation, maintenance, and repairs for every facet of your project.

We offer software integration services for energy management, fleet services, revenue collection and much more. Our team of experts can help make all the pieces of your electrification puzzle fit together.

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We Support Charging Hardware and Infrastructure Across The USA

We don’t wait for problems to arise; we prevent them before they have a chance to ruin your day. Rest easy knowing your EV charging stations are in good hands. Our 24/7 site monitoring and rapid repair services guarantee minimal disruption to your operations. Combined with our preventative maintenance packages you can be sure your customers will be fully charged and fully happy.

Keep And Attract More Users With A Wide Variety Of Customizable Service Plans.

Service Plans Include:

Annual preventative maintenance

Guaranteed Response Time

Discounted hourly rates

EV Operations Training

Project Commissioning

Service dispatch management

Parts coordination and supply

Additional Site Services

Regular cleaning ensures a welcoming and safe space for your customers. Garbage collection, weather services, and site maintenance can help shield your investment and increase revenue.

Illuminate your charging station’s potential with our signage and lighting solutions. Make your site safer and guide users with clear, well-lit pathways. Increase your site safety with 24/7 emergency response towers.

Flooding, snow, hail and other adverse weather can knock your network down or make it tough for customers to get access to your chargers. We have contingency plans so your site can run without interruptions no matter the weather.

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